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Passionate, organic food growing, utilising Regional South Australia’s unbeatable natural environment and seasonal climate as our number one ally.

Our Product

Gourmet Mushrooms: Exceptional quality, even better service.

Our commitment is to deliver exceptional gourmet mushrooms to local eateries, elevating the dining experience for chefs and patrons alike. While our pricing is tailored to individual relationships with chefs, our dedication to providing top-notch produce and personalised service remains unwavering. From delicate Oyster Mushrooms to the elegant Lion’s Mane, our selection caters to the bold and creative.


Connecting with Our Community

Our passion doesn’t stop with fungi. Growing food in general is what makes us tick. 

Good, organic food.

Ground to canopy, we’re going to conquer it all and share the experience, knowledge and skills with the community via our future workshops and short courses.

Seasonal. Sustainable. Local.

These virtues define who we are at Barossa Gourmet Mushrooms.

A company dedicated to continuous development in pursuit of growing amazing fungi and even better local relationships, while leaving as small an environmental footprint as possible.


We use what nature throws at us to grow the best produce at the best time of year.


We are committed to eco-friendly practices utilising sustainable cultivation methods.

    Chef Alexandra Mitchell

    La Cuisine Exquise

    Barossa Gourmet Mushrooms consistently exceeds my expectations. The quality and freshness of their mushrooms elevate my dishes to new heights. It's not just about ingredients; it's about creating an unforgettable culinary experience. Barossa Gourmet Mushrooms is my trusted partner in culinary excellence.

    John Doe
      John Doe


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        John and Sarah Thompson

        Enthusiastic Home Cooks

        As avid home cooks, we've tried various mushrooms, but Barossa Gourmet Mushrooms stand out. The flavors are exceptional, and the variety offered adds a unique touch to our recipes. Their commitment to sustainability aligns with our values, making them our go-to for quality and freshness in every meal.

          Lisa Rodriguez

          Workshop Enthusiast

          Participating in Barossa Gourmet Mushrooms' cultivation workshop was a game-changer. The hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge shared by the team fueled my passion for mushrooms. It's evident that they're not just growers; they're dedicated educators, creating a community of mushroom enthusiasts eager to explore the world of fungi.

          Mushrooms. Gardening. Blogs. Workshops.

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          At Barossa Gourmet Mushrooms, we value the opportunity to connect with you. Whether you have inquiries about our premium gourmet mushrooms, want to explore collaboration opportunities, or seek information about our workshops and courses, we’re here to assist.

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